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Modular was founded in 1997 and operates in the real estate property sites in route of Lustrei, 1 Ronchis (UD).
The main activity is the manufacture, sale and rental of light prefabricated metal structure used in industry, in the commercial sector and civil building and takes place in a covered area closed and heated to over 2300 mq, while external storing is 5,000 mq. The company is equipped with equipment to machine thin steel in particular cutting and welding, as well as suitable means for lifting and handling.
The company operates in accordance with the quality system ISO 9001 since 2007 and has the technical and professional requirements to build prefabricated buildings complying with regulations in force.

The technical department is equipped with workstations and updated software for 3D design (Autocad).
Currently Modular employs 11 people including technicians and production workers.
All employees are employed under permanent contracts and most of them are present in the company since its founding. The Modular staff is been adequately trained and informed on the issues of safety and, more specifically, he attended the following courses with related updates:

- First Aid
- Training course on the safe use of crane and aerial platforms
- Fire training
- Training course on the safe use of lifting and transport
- Training course for operators to work at height

At the request of the customer are provided with the following documents:

- Structural calculations
- Electrical and Mechanical Projects
- Energy saving project
- Acoustic project (soundproofing and / or killing)

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