MODULAR: prefabricated steel buildings Immagine

MODULAR: prefabricated steel buildings

Since 1997 Modular builds pre-engineered steel structures for oil & gas, industrial factories, civil and school facilities.
The company is equipped  for cutting, welding and assembling of steel structure, using  in particular  means for lifting and handling in steel processing as forklifts and cranes. 

Modular has been certified since 2007 with the ISO 9001 Quality System for design, manufacture and installation of prefabricated metal structures. The certification has been updated in ISO 9001:2015.
Modulas has been certified for Welding Quality System and on 2014 it achieved the certification EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 to mark “CE” its products.


Modular Building

Modular Building

Modular Building


The technical department has 4 stations with updated software commonly adopted around the world for the design (in compliance with international standards).

At the customer's request, the following documents are provided:

  1. Structural Calculation Report
  2. Electrical and mechanical systems projects
  3. Energy saving calculation
  4. Acoustic design (soundproofing and / or reduction)

Modular currently have 15 full-time employees, all highly skilled, to which external collaborators are added to satisfy periods of intense work.